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EURION engage with stakeholders for the development of endocrine disruptor test methods

In autumn 2020, the EURION cluster carried out an initial consultation and review of stakeholders’ interests, needs and priorities in relation to the development of endocrine disruptor (ED) test methods. Stakeholders were invited to contribute their opinion on what criteria should be considered the most important for the development of these test methods to inform EURION, and ultimately inform the development of new tests that are urgently needed for hazard assessment of EDs in Europe. There were 73 participants to the consultation survey from various backgrounds working in the field of EDs.

The results of this consultation were presented and discussed at the EURION Virtual Stakeholder Workshop held on 11 December 2020. The workshop gathered representatives from research, regulatory authorities, industry, civil society and contract research organisations, policymakers as well as other experts working in the field of EDs. Participants were welcomed and given an overview of the EURION Cluster by EURION co-coordinators, Joëlle Rüegg (Uppsala University, Coordinator of ENDpoiNTS) and Henrik Holbech (University of Southern Denmark, Coordinator of ERGO). A summary of the consultation results was given by Pim Leonards (Vrije University Amsterdam, Co-coordinator of ENDpoiNTs).

During the workshop, stakeholder views, needs and expectations related to EDC test method development, international strategies and guidelines were presented and discussed. Stakeholder perspectives were presented by Cristina de Avila (DG Environment), Niklas Andersson (ECHA), Andrea Terron (EFSA), Pia Juul Nielsen (CHEM Trust) and Helen Tinwell (CEFIC). These presentations are available to view here.

The Workshop Summary Report is now available to download: EURION Stakeholder Workshop 2020 Summary Report.

For more updated information on EURION please join the EURION Cluster Annual Meeting on 28-29 January 2021.