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EURION Cluster Annual Meeting 2020

The Annual EURION Cluster meeting will be held in Paris on 5th February 2020.

Updates on the eight projects from the Call ‘New Testing and Screening Methods to Identify Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)’. Each project is focusing on a different aspect of new testing and screening methods identifying EDCs. At this annual meeting the projects will share expertise to maximize EURION’s impact. The meeting will also give an overview of what’s happening in the endocrine disruption research area worldwide.

Some of the highlights of the day will include:

  • Challenges of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, a keynote presentation by Dr Linda Birnbaum from NIEHS USA;
  • Progress updates from the EURION Working Group leaders;
  • Regulatory challenges in Europe, a presentation by Dr Greg Moore from KEMI Sweden.


Morning: Open session (chaired by Karine Audouze and Juliette Legler)
9:00 Opening Karine Audouze, welcome from DG INSERM, Gilles Bloch
9:10 Welcome from the European Commission

  • Tuomo Karjalainen, DG Research and Innovation – EU research on endocrine
  • Mara Ceridono, DG Environment, Endocrine disruptors: EU legislation and policy

9:30 Intro to EURION – duo presentation by Juliette Legler and Karine Audouze
9:45 Keynote Dr Linda Birnbaum, NIEHS USA – Challenges of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

10:30 Break

11:15 Presentations by EURION Working Group leaders

  • Prof. Pim Leonards, ENDpoiNTs: Chemicals
  • Prof. Dries Knapen, ERGO: AOPs
  • Prof. Andreas Kortenkamp, ATHENA: Regulatory Affairs

12:00 Presentation by Dr Greg Moore, KEMI Sweden – Regulatory challenges in Europe