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ERGO at SETAC Europe 2022

The ERGO project was again well represented at the largest meeting on environmental toxicology and chemistry in Europe, SETAC Europe 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. SETAC Europe is one of five Geographic Units (GU) of the global Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), established to promote and undertake activities of SETAC in Europe. 2022’s theme, “Towards a Reduced Pollution Society” was well suited to ERGO, with at least five partners giving interesting presentations promoting ERGO and their work covering endocrine disruptors, adverse outcome pathways and their effects.

On Monday 16 May, presentations from ERGO partners included Sina Volz from University of Southern Denmark (SDU), who presented on the project with a presentation entitled ‘Bisphenol a Alters Eye Morphology and Visually Mediated Behavior in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larvae and Juveniles Via Thyroid Hormone System Disruption’. WP3 co-leader, Lucia Vergauwen, University of Antwerp (UA) presented: ‘Evaluation of an Adverse Outcome Pathway Network for Thyroid Hormone System Disruption Across Taxonomic Groups’ while fellow UA colleague Imke Van Dingenen presented ‘Thyroid Hormone System Disruption Is LIFE Stage Specific in Fish: The CASE of Swim Bladder Inflation in Zebrafish’. On behalf of WP5 leader University of Heidelberg (UHEI), Lisa Golz presented ‘The Impact of Thyroid Hormone System Disrupting Chemicals on Zebrafish Eye Development’ while WP5 partner Rikke Poulsen, Aarhus University (AU) presented ‘Molecular Fingerprint of Thyroid Hormone System Disruption in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and its Reversibility’ and ‘Are Hormone Measurements the Best Way to Look for Endocrine Disruption?’. Click here for images.

ERGO coordinator Henrik Holbech and John W Green (both SDU) also led a virtual training course Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Ecotox Experiments over two days, 31 May-1 June 2022.

A meeting of the Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment (EDTRA) Interest Group was also held, co-chaired by ERGO partner, Lisa Baumann (UHEI), with over 60 SETAC members attending the meeting. During the meeting, ERGO Coordinator Henrik (SDU) presented ‘The New EURION Cluster of Eight Recently Launched EU H2020 Projects on Endocrine Disruption’, which is the largest funding allocation of EDC research in Europe.

SETAC Europe brings together about 2,600 participants from around 60 countries, with over 60 exhibition booths. The next SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting will take place 30 April to 4 May 2022 in Dublin, Ireland with the theme ‘Data-driven environmental decision-making’.

For more information on SETAC 2022 please visit: https://europe2022.setac.org/

For more information on SETAC 2023 in Dublin please visit: https://europe2023.setac.org/